New Book Chapter

Chapter 10: Fast 2D NMR to Investigate Dynamic Events in Biomolecules

F. Bruno, E. Luchinat, Krzysztof Kazimierczuk, E. Ravera

Interactions among biological macromolecules are often transient in nature, and NMR offers a seat in the front row for observing such events under physiological conditions, thanks to its intrinsic atomic resolution and non-destructive nature. In this chapter, we describe the multidimensional methods that can be applied to monitor biologically relevant events in real time. This includes the combination of rapid pulsing methods and the development of bioreactors for monitoring interactions and reactions in vivo, the use of non-uniform sampling for methods to monitor variations in the state of a protein, and an outlook on the use of paramagnetism to increase the time resolution of NMR acquisition.

Data publikacji: 20 November 2023