Remote NMR (EU Horizon Europe No. 101058595)

dates: 2022-2024

IUVENTUS PLUS (Ministry of Science and Higher Education)

title: ”Reconstruction of NMR spectra from incomplete data with compressed sensing algorithms“
dates: 2012-2014
budget: 274,000 PLN

SONATA-BIS 2 (National Centre of Science)

title: ”Sparse and approximately-sparse representations in problems of NMR spectroscopy“
dates: 2013-2018
budget: 1,423,600 PLN

HARMONIA 2 (National Centre of Science)

title: ”Regularization algorithms for the processing of NMR spectra of metabolite mixtures“
dates: 2013-2014
budget: 195,650 PLN

Inkubator Innowacyjności (Ministry of Science and Higher Education)

title: ”Statusino – mobile application for monitoring status of NMR spectrometers“
dates: 2015
budget: 30,000 PLN

OPUS 9 (National Centre of Science)

title: ”Time-resolved N-dimensional spectroscopy for monitoring of physical and chemical processes“
dates: 2016-2020
budget: 1,094,917 PLN

HARMONIA 9 (National Centre of Science)

title: ”Radon transform in NMR spectroscopy of proteins“
dates: 2018-2022
budget: 1,018,518 PLN

FIRST TEAM (Foundation for Polish Science)

title: ”Methods of non-stationary signal analysis for more sensitive NMR spectroscopy“
dates: 2018-2022
budget: 1,929,569 PLN

OPUS 18 (National Centre of Science)

title: “New dimensions in NMR spectroscopy for better chemical analysis – from small molecules to proteins”
dates: 2020-2024
budget: 2 020 200 PLN

PRELUDIUM (National Centre of Science)

title: “Detailed NMR fingerprinting of proteins”
dates: 2020 – 2022
budget: 138 060