New Article in Dalton Transactions

Towards hydrogen-rich ionic (NH4)(BH3NH2BH2NH2BH3) and related molecular NH3BH2NH2BH2NH2BH3

Rafał Owarzany, Tomasz Jaroń, Krzysztof Kazimierczuk,  Przemysław J. Malinowski, Wojciech Grochala and Karol J. Fijalkowski

Graphical abstract: Towards hydrogen-rich ionic (NH4)(BH3NH2BH2NH2BH3) and related molecular NH3BH2NH2BH2NH2BH3

Attempts of the synthesis of ionic (NH4)(BH3NH2BH2NH2BH3via a metathetical approach resulted in a mixture of the target compound and partly dehydrogenated molecular NH3BH2NH2BH2NH2BH3 product. The mixed specimen was characterised by NMR and vibrational spectroscopies, and the cocrystal structure was analyzed from powder X-ray diffraction data supported by theoretical density functional theory calculations. The compound crystallises in a P21/c unit cell with the lattice parameters of a = 13.401(11) Å, b = 13.196(8) Å, c = 17.828(12) Å, β = 128.83(4)°, V = 2556(3) Å3 and Z = 16. Despite their impressive hydrogen content, similar to ammonia borane, both title compounds release hydrogen substantially polluted with borazine and traces of ammonia and diborane.

Data publikacji: 20 November 2023