New article in Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry

The assignment of 11B and 1H resonances in the post-reaction mixture from the dry synthesis of Li(BH3NH2BH2NH2BH3)Enhanced Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy with Isotropic Mixing as a Pseudodimension

Ewa K. Nawrocka, Agnieszka Prus, Rafał Owarzany, Wiktor Koźmiński, Krzysztof Kazimierczuk, Karol J. Fijalkowski

We report a detailed 1H NMR and11B NMR study of as synthesised LiBH3NH2BH2NH2BH3Þobtained in a novel dry-synthesis method. A combination of 1D and 2D single- and triple-quantum techniques was used for the assignment of all observed signals. Minor side-products andreactants were detected in the product: NH3BH3,LiNH2BH3 LiBH4,and two yet unknown salts containing 7-membered chain anions:ðBH3NH2BH2NH2BH2NH2BH3 and BHðNH2BH3 We believe the assignment provided within this study might be helpful when analysing the mixtures containing numerous ammonia borane derivatives, which often give overlapping signals that are hard to distinguish


Data publikacji: 02 September 2022